It is a massive brick, a simple shape but able to show all the tectonic, the nuances, the stratifications of the marble stone. The neon-flex by going inside enlighten some veins, while outside the reflection on the stone multiply the light effects. The marble brick stand there still, almost with a blasé attitude towards time and anything that its going around it. The neon-flex it is pull or push inside the marble brick, wrapped around, hidden behind or dropped down from one side or both, generating each time a new shape and atmosphere, trying to find in each moment its place amongst what is out of time.
Limited Collection of 30 numbered and signed pieces_ 
Price upon Request_   info@formanudadesign.com
Please notice_ each piece is handcraft
                           _ given the use of marble each piece will be                                                         different/unique due to the natural veins of the stone.
AVAILABLE (1 left) pictured one-
  [Marble_Statuario – Light_Cold White – Metal_Brass] 
PREORDER (27 left of 30)
– is possible to customize materials and light color
taking into consideration the availability and workability of the material
Block_  h.180mm – w.5mm – L.210..
Light_ L.2 m – Ø 16mm – 120 LED/m -220V – Epistar Chip
Power cable length whit on-of switch_150cm
Other Elements_
LED tube brass end-cup whit ring
 light-tube handle and connection cover in brass tube
brass plate whit engraved number and logo