Hook Up
This piece is sensual, erotic, maybe a bit kinky but definitely fun. It has the flawless curves of a woman who does not need to break any chain because has learn to master all of them. The light can fall down or, by the built- in hook, can be make climb up to indiscriminate positions, while the chain employs the marble to keep its straight position.
Limited Collection of 30 numbered and signed pieces_ 
Price upon Request_   info@formanudadesign.com
Please notice_ each piece is handcraft
                           _ given the use of marble each piece will be                                                         different/unique due to the natural veins of the stone.
AVAILABLE (1 left) pectured one_
  [Marble_Statuario – Light_Pink – Metal_Brass – Lather_Brown] 
PREORDER (29 left of 30)
– is possible to customize materials and light color
taking into consideration the availability and workability of the material

Disk_  Ø 200mm – w. 20mm
Light_ L.5m – Ø 16mm
Chain_ 3m
Lather_ 200mm

Light and chain mesure can be adjust
Other Elements_
brass hooks
light-tube brass end-cup whit ring
ceiling attachment