The choice of metal was determined by the need to use a material that can support light bending moment in maximum stress situations.The basic metal used is brass, but it is also possible to choose between steel, copper or lacquered steel.
Marble was chosen because the weight of the stone contributes to supporting the light and its movement.
It is a natural stone pleasant to the touch, whose many shades and colors contribute to making each piece unique.The base collection uses a certain type of marble but it is possible to choose from a larger variety,always taking into consideration the availability and workability of the material. 
The Flexible Led Rope has been in business for many years and is widely used in space lighting. The innovation of this particular lighting system is its circular section that allows 360 degree lighting and is therefore comparable to a neon one.
New is also the application that Studio Formanuda does of it with the In-Contro collection leaving it free of support frames and free to be moved into space.