Run Around
It is a sprocket around which the light rolls, but it can also be seen as a wheel or a circle. It’s a simple form that brings up youthful memories but also stimulate new sensorial ones. It can be pull or make it swing. It can also stand, lay on one side or in an oblique manner, displaying a variation in brightness depending on whether the light is more or less exposed.
Limited Collection of 30 numbered and signed pieces_ 
Price upon Request_
Please notice_ each piece is handcraft
                           _ given the use of marble each piece will be                                                         different/unique due to the natural veins of the stone.
AVAILABLE (2 left) –
  [Marble_Statuario – Light_Warm White – Metal_Brass] 
PREORDER (27 left of 30)
– is possible to customize materials and light color
taking into consideration the availability and workability of the material
External disks_ Ø 240mm – w. 15mm
Internal disks_ Ø 150mm – w. 50mm
Light_ L.300mm – Ø 16mm – 120 LED/m -220V – Epistar Chip
Power cable whit on-off switch length_ 150cm
Other Elements_
brass snap-hook
light brass end-cup whit ring
light-tube handle and connection cover in brass tube
brass plate whit engraved number and logo